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Recently I've noticed an unusual pending transaction in my account. What's happening?

imranij Member Posts: 4
edited October 2018 in Ask The Community
Hello Guys, this is Imran from Bangladesh. I'm facing this issue. I've been noticing there is a pending transaction popped up on the top of my account transaction page. The exact same amount which I was failed to withdraw last month from a local bank ATM. However, I contacted the bank and also Payoneer and filed a dispute regarding the "ATM didn't dispense me any cash" last month. Now after a month of my dispute, I'm seeing this pending transaction in my account. So, now I wanna know, is it any serious issue or it's just the same money which ATM failed to dispense? Is this a sign of my money returning to me? If so, how many more days will I have to wait? :)

Thanks. :)

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