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disappointing and unacceptable service for a financial organization

I have had Payoneer for three months and have never been able to get an money sent to me. I have experienced lies from live chat reps and no my account seems to be in perpetual limbo due to the behavior of said Payoneer reps.

This is a copy of the email I sent to the Voce-President of Operations. I would like it forwarded to Scott Galin, the CEO as well.

Sadly, I have nothing good to say about my experience with the representatives at Payoneer!

On the 4th, In my first call to the call center, I got a rep name Mac and asked him a simple question; can you lower the withdrawal amount on my account to 50.00usd? He lied and said that it was lowered already. I believed him. I got off the Live chat and tried to withdraw money and found the withdrawal amount to be the same as it had been; 1000.000usd I had spent 3.5 hours waiting for Mac and as a result of his lie I lost a whole day of productivity. Reference number 181003-012666

I immediately got back on the live chat and wasted 1.5 hours waiting for Dixon. Dixon proceeded to try to get me to email Payoneer rather than deal with the problem then and there. It seemed like he was giving me the brush off, and he was. He told me there was a lot of internal procedures that had to be gone through to lower the amount. Dixon lied, too. Reference number 181003-013049

Later, after a few emails and nothing being done on my account, I got a supervisor named Tasia who immediately lowered the withdrawal amount, without the 'many internal procedures' that Dixon had talked about. I immediately requested money to be sent to my bank in Cambodia and waited from the 4th until the 11th. Reference number 94757530

My bank. ABA, finally told me on the 12th of October that they had never received money from anyone. So I went back to Payoneer and started to investigate that side of the transaction.

On the 18th I contacted live chat again and got Mac again. After I went through explaining the situation Mac tried to get me off of live chat and to deal with it by email. Asked for a supervisor and got Theresa. She promised to contact the department that dealt with this when they opened in 2 hours. Next, Payoneer told me that ABA had sent the money back because the name on my bank account was different from the name on my Payoneer account, and then, foolishly, erased my bank details and asked me to re-enter them. Because they erased my details there is no way for me to investigate what the Payoneer rep said or to tell who is lying.

On the 22nd I re-entered them and waited the 3 business days for it to be approved. On the 22nd I received an ambiguous email requesting more information. I sent an email back on the 27th confirming the account was mine and was told I would get a response in 3 days. My bank account details have still not been approved.

Now, every time I contact live chat I get the 'we are really busy message' and to please email them.

It seems as though I have been put on an endless hold where my bank account hasn't been approved, the call center has me programmed to go to email rather than deal with any problem immediately and nobody is answering my questions. Sadly, I am trying to build a business and Payoneer is crippling this process.

I this problem resolved as quickly as possible. I would like you to forward this to the Payoneer CEO, Scott Galit and make this an issue that is dealt with daily by a supervisor until it fixed.