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What if I company makes a transfer in the wrong currency?

charliepops Member Posts: 2
edited November 2018 in Ask The Community
A company made me a transfer more than 2 weeks ago and I haven't received the money to my account.

I am afraid that the issue is that they sent me USD from an UK account and as far as I understand Payoneer only accept USD from companies located in the US.

The problem is that the money was already sent and it has to be in Payoneer's bank account. So, what can I do now?, how can I somehow get that money or revert that transfer? I see no info regarding this anywhere.

I am very worried since it is a considerable amount. Also I have previously contacted Payoneer by support service and I didn't get any reply, so that worries me even more.

I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance. :neutral:

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  • charliepops
    charliepops Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, it seems like the company has the money back from the entity they were using to transfer the money.