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I submitted documents for Global payment service and My NID. 7 days passed and it says 'submitted'. I already added my local bank account. Is my account ready for Withdraw to bank account?


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    Hi @asifo, It sounds like the account is already approved and therefore the option to withdraw funds to your bank account should be approved as well. I believe you should simply try to withdraw and make sure you have reached the minimum amount needed for the withdrawal. The minimum amount is a unique details to each Payoneer user and is clearly displayed beneath the withdrawal amount field.

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    Hello payoneer.
    My national ID card has not reached my hand yet, but I have an NID number. I can not use the account without the national ID card? The account is a very useful account for me.please help.
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    Hi @Ayesha3915 It is unfortunately not possible, if you do not have an ID for the moment, you can provide a copy of your passport as well or a copy of your driver licence.

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    I created my payoneer account by NID online copy and there are 17 digit NID NO. But recently I get my NID Hard copy which include 10 digit NID NO. I submitted this copy for ID verification. How can I solve ID number discrepancy?
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    Hi @aminulap We understand that you'd like to update the ID number registered on your Payoneer account. To do so, you simply need to provide a copy of your ID to the support and to confirm that that you'd like to update your account details according to one registered on your new document.

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    i have submitted all the required documents for payoneer verfication,
    how do i know if my account is verified or not?
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    @aryal Hello,

    Can you verify with us, what your Payoneer customer ID is, so we can have a better look into your case.

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    23286196 is my payoneer id. and till now i can;t receive payment in this account.. (neither in another account)....

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    @aryal Your account is not approved yet. Log in to your Payoneer online My Account
    Click "Settings" and choose "Verified Information" from the dropdown menu
    Open the relevant requirement to find a secure upload window
    Upload the required document
    Click "Submit"

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    I created and verified my payoneer account using a temporary NID card(10 digit number) provided by our government. But recently when I have received a payment payoneer rejected my NID verification. But I don't have a permanent NID(17 digit number) hard copy. But I can provide online copy(17 digit number). What should I do now?
    There is also additional verification which says to upload a photo with government issued anything in one hand and todays date in other hand. But I only have temporary NID card(10 digit number) which was rejected for verification. How can I solve the problem. Please help!
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    Sorry I can't provide online soft copy. I will receive smart NID card in 2020. Can I withdraw my funds without NID verification?
    Please help me!
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    @Hossain_Ahmmed Hello,

    Please be advised the documents you submitted are currently being reviewed by our department.

    They can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days for review and approval.

    We ask you to kindly wait for updates via email.

    Have a nice day.

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    @GianmarcoPayoneer Hello,
    I just received an email about your reply. Yesterday I submitted my documents. NID Card and a photo holding todays date and NID in hands. After that I talk to a representative of payoneer in your facebook page. And he told me that it’s okay for verification if I submit my photo with NID & todays date holding in hands.
    I don’t know if it will work or not but it’s my only option. Please review that! I'm waiting...
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    Hi! I have received 3 payments to global payment services. But i facing verification problem. I tried to upload my national id card online copy. But found error. Please check my message i has sent to service centre. And please verified my account.
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    @basithalam Hello,

    Please be advised that the document you sent in, is considered invalid. We need an official government photo ID ( passport, national ID, drivers licence ) . The picture must be of the physical copy of the ID itself and not a scanned copy.

    Please submit a valid ID picture.

    Thank you.

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    Please be advised that your documents are already under review by our accounts team. Please wait 3 to 5 business days for an update on your case.

    Thank you.

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