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I submitted documents for Global payment service and My NID. 7 days passed and it says 'submitted'. I already added my local bank account. Is my account ready for Withdraw to bank account?


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    Hi @asifo, It sounds like the account is already approved and therefore the option to withdraw funds to your bank account should be approved as well. I believe you should simply try to withdraw and make sure you have reached the minimum amount needed for the withdrawal. The minimum amount is a unique details to each Payoneer user and is clearly displayed beneath the withdrawal amount field.

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    Hello payoneer.
    My national ID card has not reached my hand yet, but I have an NID number. I can not use the account without the national ID card? The account is a very useful account for me.please help.
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    Hi @Ayesha3915 It is unfortunately not possible, if you do not have an ID for the moment, you can provide a copy of your passport as well or a copy of your driver licence.

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