It has been more than seven days without receiving my payment from Payoneer to local bank.

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I have a problem. I usually withdraw my money directly to my local bank account. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days but this time it is more than seven days which proves to be more frustrating and payoneer seems to not follow it up since my emails are not being replied. I contacted my local bank and was told that payoneer is yet to release the money and they should do a follow up. Kindly help. Reference Number: 181114-004569


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    Hi @Job_oginga , for this case just wait for our customer support team to reply to your email ticket. Your request was escalated to our bank team for further review.

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    Thank you
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    You are welcome

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    I was requesting if the process of preparing a confirmation document can be a little bit faster because now it has been six days after I informed payoneer about the issue. I have another money that I want to withdraw and its frustrating since I dont know it it will be stack. I need to pay my bills because the delay is really affecting me negatively. Kindly consider my request
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    Hi @Job_oginga . At the moment the 3-5 business day window is the best we can offer this process in. We are working on ways to decrease this time significantly, so this should hopefully be a possibility soon.

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    Hi @EdwinPayoneer and @Will_Payoneer . The support responded but informed me that I entered the wrong account number during registration. I dont think this is the case because over one year I have been withdrawing funds to my local bank account. How is this even possible because again am being told to wait for 30 days and it is not my fault? This is frustrating
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    Hi @Job_oginga. Right now we are checking with the transfer team one more time to confirm what the account number for the transfer was. Just to rule out any errors and ensure that this was the issue. Given the fact that you have received transfers to this number in the past it would be unusual if it was incorrect now. Our team will be following up with you about this as soon as we have an update.

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