One month , 4 calls and no solution till now :(

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Hello everyone,
I hope you having great day.
I had an old account from 2015 and didn't use it and the Card is expired , I tried to use it this time and the problem journey started. I contacted Payoneer 3 times by phone and no solution and every time they give me new problem.
Tried to ask for new card they told me you have to receive a payment, i asked a company to send me a payment (ACH) and they told there is a problem in your account .
Called payoneer again and they told me to open new account because they couldn't resolve the problem of the first one. I opened a new account and they asked me to fill bank account inf, I put my online bank account inf, they told it's e-wallet and can't accept it and the problem i don't have an actual bank account.
Tried to reach them by chat and no luck.
I need a solution for this to receive the payment from the company.


  • AB07AB07 Posts: 6Member
    Any answer?
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    Hi @AB07 . In this case I can make two suggestions that may help you. The first would be to use a bank account that belongs to a trusted relative. We do allow you to add a bank that is not your own to your account if you verify that you did so willingly.

    If this does not interest you, you may also sign up for a Payoneer account through one of the freelance platforms or marketplaces we work with. Site like Fiverr, Upwork, Appen, or one of the many other we work with would allow you to register for a special, Payoneer card account. Card accounts function similar to a normal account, but do not require a bank account for approval.

    To learn more about these platforms just click here.

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