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I received this PayPal message when trying to associate my Payoneer account to transfer money : ->

"Therefore, virtual bank accounts are not accepted by PayPal since they are not considered as real bank account and do not provide the customer the same level of confidence and safety that PayPal requires.

We would really want to make things work out with you. I would highly recommend for you to please contact your issuing bank and ask if they can provide you a US Electronic Transfer routing number that our system will recognize as a registered bank account and not a virtual one. "


  • EdwinPayoneer
    EdwinPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator Posts: 366 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2018

    Hi @gustavopawn, this message usually comes when your Paypal account is not able to link with the bank details we provide. The most common cause for this is that the Paypal account you are connecting to does not have a debit or credit card linked to it.

    To remedy this link an active, funded card to your Paypal account as a payment method, then try linking your bank details again.

  • Othman_Hussein
    Othman_Hussein Member Posts: 1
    I think I have the same problem.
    I already contacted the support center and provided screen shots for the error messages as it appeared but they couldn't help.
    I used Payoneer service to receive money from my Paypal and if that's not going to work, It will be of no use to me.
    I've already linked not 1 but 2 credit cards to paypal and tried again to link bank account but didn't work.
    After asking my friend who referred me to Payoneer, He told me to try with support to add a new bank account of Savings type " Community federal savings bank-he specified " as Paypal doesn't accept linking to virtual Bank of america checking accounts.
    Waiting for your response ASAP
    Thanks and Happy New Year