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A transfer to may payoneer account was made on October 15 and it still says "Your USD Balance is currently being reviewed. You will receive an update within the next several business days.". I have written to support on three different occations and they haven't even bothered to answer me once. Anyone else had this problem? How I am supposed to solve it when support won't answer?


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    Hi, The status you are referring to means that your account has yet to be approved. Because your account seems to not be approved, there is no possibility to transfer funds still.
    In order to complete your registration, you will need to provide some documents through your online account. To do so, login to your online account, from the menu "setting" located in the main page, choose "Verified information". There, you can see whatever is needed. Click on the request and submit the necessary information or document

  • JezzineJezzine Member Posts: 2
    Well then, I submitted the required documents months ago. At first it said they were under review which it said for months and trying to contact support about that lead to no answer aswell. When the "under review" suddenly disappeared (without any mail or any other form of contact saying anything was wrong) I expected to be able to transfer funds to the account, which I then did October 15 at which point the new message showed up about my USD balance being reviewed.

    If this is all about the documents then I must say that it has, thus far, taking you almost six months to verify the ID documents I sent in and you still haven't done so nor have you asked for any more information or explained what is taking so long.
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    @Jezzine It does not mean that it takes up to 6 month to verify your ID but it simply means that our account approval department did not receive it. I recommend you to upload the document using the instruction I previously sent you in order to resolve this matter.

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