USPS APPROVAL- ticketLTK12129071138906X.

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So was my USPS approved, or simply put how does one get to know when his USPS has been approved?jst asking.......


because this is what i received after filling in my details in the USPS questionaire:


Thank you for submitting the US Payment Service questionnaire. Your
US Payment Service is enabled and you may begin receiving payments.
Please take a moment to review our Terms and Conditions.

Note: If you have not yet submitted your ID documents, please
submit them as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delays.
If you have already submitted the requested details and documents,
Payoneer will notify you if any further information is required.


then followed by this:


Did you know that you can receive payments from select US
corporations, such as PayPal, Amazon, Apple, Google, and more, directly
to your Payoneer card?

Payoneer’s US Payment Service provides you with a US account and
routing number, which can be used to receive US ACH transfers from
multiple US corporations on our white list of approved senders.

To view your US Payment Service details, in addition to a full list of approved senders, simply sign in to your page and select “US Payment Service” from the “Services” menu.



  • David
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    Your US Payment Service has been verified, enjoy :).

    Sign up for Payoneer and the US Payment Service

  • ratego
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    Thanks Mr. David...One bit though, my payment has been in the waiting for approval status since 21st...just how long should remain patient.Once again thank you for the first action!

  • David
    David Member Posts: 3,193 ✭✭✭

    You should receive an update regarding the payment within 2 business days.

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