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Vulnerable Account Security of Payoneer Accounts

sohail961 Member Posts: 6
I have been using payoneer for few years and still have serious concerns about accounts security. So Payoneer accounts are very vulnerable. All you need is someone's password to login to their account and transfer all money. you can even change the email to revoke owners access to the account permanently.

Six years back, payoneer said that we'll add 2 factor authentication for login and money transfer but its still not there. That means if someone gets your password, your all savings are gone!

Considering this scenario, i have few questions:

1. Is it advisable to keep savings in Payoneer?
2. How can I make my payoneer account more secure?
3. What steps payoneer has taken to ensure funds and account security recently? can officials here please guide me?

Looking forward.
thanks and regards.