It has been more than seven days without receiving my payment from Payoneer to local bank

hello, I didn't receive my bank transfer, Bank didn't receive any incoming transfer.
amount of the withdrawal: €61.24
date of the withdrawal: 29 november 2018


  • damyseymadamyseyma Posts: 2Member

    I have been working with payoneer for 3 months.
    For the first time, I wanted to send my money to Turkish Bank a month ago. but he didn't send my money
    I wanted to withdraw $ 2500 to my bank account on 10 December, but I still haven't received a confirmation email.
    why don't they still send my money to my bank account.
    live chat is very meager.
    What's the problem?
    Is the payoneer or the bank?
    Please help
    Customer ID 28192471
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