Need help with my old Payoneer account on Upwork

PolovePolove Posts: 1Member
Hi! So I was using payoneer account to withdraw money from upwork, than I changed my withdrawal method, and deleted my payoneer account, because Ididn't need it anymore (it was more than a year ago), but now I decided to go back to withdrawal to payoneer, so I created a new account and wanted to add my new account to upwork,but i turned out that my old payoneer account is still there,even though it's deleted. I asked upwork support, but they said that I should contact payoneer support. Please help me, I need to add my new account there very urgently.
Tried to contact support center, but the online chat cancels my request and if I send a message via email I only get auto-answer with a suggestion to contact support center.
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