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My stats page shows 33 approved referrals. And I also know that I *might* have to wait for a month before getting the reward amount.


Previously, I used to get the reward within 2 days of the stats page showing the number in "rewards earned". 2 of my referrals have not been credited for nearly 1.5 months. And 1 has not been credited for 3 days already.


I would like to request Payoneer officials to look after this issue. I had also sent a support ticket around 1.5 months back: LTK12129070923256X


I got a reply saying the matter was resolved, but it hasn't yet.


My Payoneer email is the same, for this forum account.


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    I will personally look into this. It's possible that those referrals used an incorrect link to sign up (the long link, rather than the short link). It's important that they all use the short link, else the reward will not be properly funded.


    The short link can be re-used, while the long link can only be used once. See this post for an explanation:

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    Thanks for looking after this Nissim, I knew you would.


    But the system will record their credentials, send me an email saying they registered (again), issue them card, track them getting $100, show up under "Rewards Earned" in my Refer-A-Friend account, but just not give credit? That's weird :)

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    The issue is this:


    Say two people sign up using the same long link. The long link is what has the tracking ID on it, that knows when to pay your referral reward. Now:


    Person A reached $100, and you get the reward. This tracking ID now lists as paid

    Person B reached $100 - tracking ID already shows as paid, so the system can't pay again


    This is of course a really basic explanation, but I wanted to be clear on why it happens. So long as all sign ups are done using the short link, this will not happen.

  • srkhanalsrkhanal Member Posts: 10

    Thanks for explaining that. Hope it's not the issue, lol. I have used only the short link as you mentioned, in my blogs, articles I write in different websites and Twitter. Thanks for the explanation.


    I have replied you on the email you sent me, with the required attachment. Thanks :)

  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Great, thanks!


    I'm sure it's no fault on your end. Most likely someone just copy/pasted the link and shared it with a friend of theirs, or something similar.


    Will look through all the records and make sure any rewards pending are paid out.

  • srkhanalsrkhanal Member Posts: 10

    Hi there Nissim, is there any update to this issue?


    Currently I've 40 on my stats page and only 36 have been credited so far. The number jumped from 38 to 40 last week, but I got only $25 instead of $50.

  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    As mentioned previously, it's possible that someone else copied your link and manually changed the e-mail, so that the reward is adding to your counter but not being applied to you (since the referral was not made by you). It will continue to show this way, however the actual rewards funded are correct and up to date.

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