ATM Withdrawal in Philippines

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Hello support guys, I have few questions for you!


- can you please tell me what banks may I use to withdraw funds in the Philippines? 


- last 3/21/2013 I changed my PIN and after that I went to one of the local bank here(Banco de Oro - Philippines)      when I tried to withdraw funds from my card, I got ERROR.. it says WRONG PIN, why? :( I'm 100$ sure that I entered the new PIN correctly.  I also tried to input my old PIN but I always got an error.. and I lost few bucks due to the failed transaction fees 


-also, if I receive a money this day can I withdraw that directly to my card? or do I need to wait few days first before it will get available for withdrawal?



Regards and God Bless!


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    The card can withdraw money from ATMs that accept debit MasterCard. You can view MasterCard's official site to find an ATM close to you


    I checked your account and see that in fact the PIN you entered was incorrect. To recover this information please contact our support for further assistance.


    Different companies have different withdrawal methods. Some companies allow withdrawals when you want and some send the money at the end of the month. You need to check with the company you are working with.

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