My Money 8775$ transfer from my paypal Are upcoming transactions 1 week

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Hello Dear! I has transfer money 8775$ from my paypal to my payoneer account on 19 dec 2018 now i saw it in upcoming transactions. You have asked information from me on 22/12/2018 and I have submitted on 22/12/2018 until now your review are not yet and my money still Pending. It is so long time for review my information.
Please help me check my payment. Thank you so much.

My customer ID 23182901
Transaction ID:105664223


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    Dear @vayyean

    Thank you for contacting us and leaving your feedback. Due to regulations that we must comply by, payments must be stopped for manual review to ensure that all payments are within our terms and conditions. We can see that you have contacted the support and that your request is currently being handle. As you've been advised, it should be handled in up to 3 business days.

  • vayyeanvayyean Member Posts: 2
    Thank you so much now my payment are load in my payoneer account on 31/dec/2018
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    @vayyean You are welcome!

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