Payoneer Service is worse they prove now

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Hello there,


i am freelancer and i earn more than 4thousand $ per month. my side wise payments comes in payoneer but i got the amazing results. they need documents from the sender. his NIC and credit card copy. i want to ask you payoneer why they require this? no any other site have this kind of requirements and when my client provide them these documnts and call there custemor support center they ask us they are going to approve within 2 days and now today morning i got the news from payoneer



Dear Arshad Ali,
  This is to inform you of an attempt to make a private payment to your Payoneer card ending in *****, but that unfortunately we were not able to approve this payment request********* of $440.00.

For additional information about this payment please reply to this e-mail or call us during business hours at 1-800-251-2521 Ex. 2 (Sunday ? Friday 5AM-6PM EST except US holidays).

The loader will not be charged for this attempted transaction and was advised to contact you for additional information.




after frustrating from this thing. my client asked me this


"WTF! is there policy? okay arshad lets use Western Unoin Money now, leave the payoneer"


so i have decided that i am going to get this payment through Western Unoin Money Transfer. i just want an answer from payoneer what is there policy? may be thats why my friends told me payoneer is westing of money. and 1 more thing they are not replaying the email that i send them 4 days ago.


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    I am sorry you are not satisfied with our service,


    If you would like please private message me the payment ID and I will look into the matter further.

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