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Payment request not available and client does not get Credit Card Payment Method


I've been using Payoneer since September this year and I have not had any issues, until recently.

I requested a payment from a business for web design freelancing services I provided them. They made the payment, but it went into pending review for a week, and then I got an email asking for my url verification and how clients contact me, which I happily provided. I should mention here that I do not get clients from Fiverr or Upwork, because my clients reach me through my cold outreach and referrals.

So, after I put in the URL and contact details, after 2 details I got an email saying my business is not eligible and I cannot make payment requests. Since that day, I have not been able to make payment requests to individuals, and for requesting payment from businesses, the businesses can only pay me through ACH transfer and not credit card or e-check etc.

Please help me!!!



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    Hi @faizanchaki

    Thank you for participating in our forum.
    Due to the regulations we have to comply by, our payment approval department requests and verifies the information you provide to verify that your line of business meets the requirements imposed by the different institutions and governments we work with.

    If your line of business does not meet the eligibility criteria needed to use the service, the payment is cancelled and in some cases the permission to use the service can unfortunately sometimes be suspended.
    We recommend you to verify if the option to receive payments through the Global Payment Service
    or mass payout companies can fit your professional needs.

  • faizanchaki
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    hi @Cristale_Payoneer
    I provide web design services, how is that in violation of the eligibility criteria and against terms of any government or institution?

    I fail to understand this. Please help me out here.
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    @faizanchaki i understand your frustration and really apologize about the experience, however, the best in that case would be to contact the support directly to re-verify why it happen.

  • faizanchaki
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    > @Cristale_Payoneer said:
    > @faizanchaki i understand your frustration and really apologize about the experience, however, the best in that case would be to contact the support directly to re-verify why it happen.

    I did that, and they said it is because of my government id not verified, which I uploaded right away during the chat, and my place of contact with my customers, which I proved, also during the chat.

    They told me I will get a re-verification on my information in 2 days. This was on 31st December 10 am EST. I am yet to receive a reply back from Payoneer about my re-verified info.
  • EdwinPayoneer
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    HI @faizanchaki , you should get an update on this soon. The new years eve and day holiday are not considered business days, so the re-verification could not begin until today when we went back to normal business days. Sorry about the wait.

  • faizanchaki
    faizanchaki Member Posts: 4
    No issues about that, @EdwinPayoneer but I just need to have this fixed so that I can get back to normal business operations. As you can imagine, this is really frustrating for me going back and forth with you guys and then asking clients to make bank transfers which they never like to do. Still having them not pay through Paypal is a hassle in itself, I cannot have another one with asking them to make bank ACH transfers.

    Regardless, I had a client pay me through ACH on 31st, and the amount was supposed to arrive next business day, on 2nd January, but it has not been notified to me by email, even today.