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Payoneer card -- flexibility

teddyone Member Posts: 1

Just wanted to ask some questions regarding the Payoneer card in the European Union.

I work in an industry where I travel quite a lot, mostly within Poland, UK, and Germany, but sometimes also to other destinations.

I'm interested in Payoneer account specifically to have the 'flexbility' in regards of my payments. Will it be a problem if, for example, my home office (home address) is set in Poland and this is where I register my Payoneer account? Will I be able to freely use the Payoneer card for shopping in the UK, Germany or other European countries? Or will I be limited to use it only in Poland?

I would appreciate any information before I proceed with making the account.

Also, one thing I have noted is that Payoneer straight out asks me for my ID number, which kind of surprised me as PayPal or any other wallet have never asked me for that. PayPal was actually best in this regard as once you have linked your PP to bank account, they don't need anything else.

Seemed kind of weird to ask for the ID number for 'security reasons'.


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