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I'm waiting for approval since 3/21. Today I responded to email with all the info you requested and even more. Payment ID is 6321049.

That is my salary that I receive every 2 weeks from a company I work with and its really inconvenient for me to wait for approval that long. It was said to me by your customer support that it will take from 2-3 days to approve it but as you can see 4 days already passed and nothing is done. I hope you understand that without my salary I cant pay my bills and I wasn't warned about approval status when I was applying for US Payment Service so I would appreciate if you could look at my acc and stated payment and finally tell me the time when it will be approved. If paypal approved it I don't see why you wouldn't with all the information I sent you.


Thank you.





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    Hi Dean,


    I apologize for any delay. As this is yoru first payment using the US Payment Service, we simply need to confirm your information and verify the service.You will be receiving an update within the next 24-48 hours.


    Once the service is verified, future payments will be funded automatically.

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    Hi Nissim,


    I received email 5 hours ago with title "Congratulations! Your Payoneer US Payment Service is now verified!" but the payment is still waiting for approval. Is there anything else that needs to be done regarding that?

  • dkolundkolun Member Posts: 3

    I received payment. Thank you for your help.

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    Glad I could help, thanks for updating!

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