How to add a mass payout company to Payoneer

IronmaniacIronmaniac Posts: 1Member
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I have tried to link my Appen Global to Payoneer (as the payment method) but I don't see Payoneer listed as the payment method on my Appen Global account. Please help.


  • kahunanyakahunanya Posts: 0Member
    Please,how can i link my Payoneer account with my SFI Affiliate?

  • Cristale_PayoneerCristale_Payoneer Posts: 1,262Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @Ironmaniac & @kahunanya thank you for reaching out,

    you can add your Appen/SFI Affiliate funding source to your Payoneer account from your account with Appen/SFI Affiliate. There, you need to select Payoneer as your method of payment and click on "Already have a Payoneer account?Click Here" located on the upper right corner to complete the add payee procedure.

  • chinelo26chinelo26 Posts: 1Member
    Same with me, how do i add payoneer as a payment method on a news site since payoneer is not included as one of the payment methods
  • EdwinPayoneerEdwinPayoneer Posts: 384Confirm Email, Member, Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    HI @chinelo26 . If the company you want to get paid from does not specifically list Payoneer as a method of payment you would need to receive a payment from them using a different service we provide. If you click here you can view all of the options on how you can get paid when using Payoneer.

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