my transaction is pending last one week

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I transferred money from my paypal to my payoneer account. payoneer is requesting for addition information like URL connecting you to site and Screenshot showing website affiliation. I don't understand payoneer. what is demanding. I have no website and this money I received from my client in papal.


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    Hi there @kalsoom . As we are a service that provides you payment processing for business transactions, we are requesting these linked to help connect the payment to a business or service you provided to a client/s.

    The screenshots should be from the site you use to connect with your clients, and help verify your connection or ownership to that site.

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    He is my private client. we contact through Facebook, skype.
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    Then you need to explain how did you client find you online, we need an online presence showing your line of business and the services that you provide it can be your Facebook page for example.

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    same problem happened to me and i contact the live chat and he seem to be ignorant to what i am asking about .. then i attached a link to my ebay store that verifies my commercial presence .. and he told me it will take about 5 to 7 days to receive my money but nothing happened after that 7 days ...

    it seems that payoneer is requiring complicated requirements
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    Hello there,

    This all appears to be normal requirements for payment verification. This is information we ask of all of our users who are using the Global Payment Service to receive payments. We are sorry it's taken longer than expected in your case. Should you need an update please contact customer support.

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