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Loader doesn't want to provide his card id and copy of his credit card so Payoneer broke my job.

Dear All,

It's the first time i decided to work with Payoneer as a freelancer a few weeks ago to receive my payments from my jobs. I asked to one of my new clients to send payment via Payoneer and sent payment request to his email address. He made the payment using his credit card succesfully. Everything know up to now by all of you. And the problem started after this process. I ask him to send required info and id copy&card copy to payoneer to let payoneer release my funds but he said he can not send his info as it's risky on his part. So he also stopped working with me and I can not contact him any more. What will happen now to my money? Will payoneer pay my money as I also lost my customer.

So that payment will keep looking as "under review" forever and Payoneer will use my money which is already deposited into Payoneer's bank account and I will keep watching it?

That's really bull..t. This is not professional.

If you guys are sensitive about your customers everybody here and me will see what you can do to support your customers.

Transaction ID

Payment request ID


  • maisoncreatif
    maisoncreatif Member Posts: 4
    Payoneer, If you can not release my money from your pool just refund it to the loader and don't keep it in your bank account any more!!!
  • maisoncreatif
    maisoncreatif Member Posts: 4
    anybody here from not-customer-friendly Payoneer support here to help with my problem?
  • maisoncreatif
    maisoncreatif Member Posts: 4
    @Adam_Payoneer @David @Cristale_Payoneer @Nissim