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Unable to to Payments

ematus Member Posts: 2
Hi all,

This is frustating. I'm unable to do payments, my "pay" option only have "pay your vat", I can't use "make a payment" service.
the only way to do a payment is to do a transfer to my local bank and then transfer again using my bank and that is a problem because:
- I'll have to pay taxes
- I'll have to transfer fees for receive and send
- I'll loose a lot with the currency exchanges

The account have already 5 deposits, so it's not a new account.

I talked with support over chat and the answers were not clear at all.. here is a transcript:

[05:08:18 PM]Dan: As Payoneer service mostly for receiving payments you cannot send funds to any other people
[05:08:29 PM]Dan: But you can use this card for paying
[05:08:36 PM]Dan: in stores, online etc.
[05:09:04 PM]Eduardo Matus Coquelet: but I read in the help section that is possible to do transfers
[05:11:12 PM]Dan: Transfers to your bank account
[05:11:44 PM]Eduardo Matus Coquelet: and "Make a Payment" service?
[05:11:47 PM]Dan: You can add a bank account and transfer funds there
[05:12:42 PM]Dan: Unfortunately this option is not available to your account
[05:12:59 PM]Eduardo Matus Coquelet: may I ask why?
[05:14:03 PM]Dan: Sure. This is the restriction caused by your account configuration
[05:15:27 PM]Eduardo Matus Coquelet: impossible to change? I just wanted to know.. transfer the money to my banck account is a nightmare
[05:16:26 PM]Dan: No sir, unfortunately this is impossible to change. This option to send funds is quite optional and is not available to all of the customers.


  • EdwinPayoneer
    EdwinPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator Posts: 366 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there @ematus . I am sorry to hear that you've had this experience with our customer support team. I assure you this is not usually the norm for general questions like this. I would be happy to provide a little more clarity on this for you.

    The Pay feature is indeed optional as stated above. It is an option you can unlock by being an active payment receive with As you continue to receive payments, you will eventually become eligible for the service.

    There is no specific figure we are looking for you to receive, instead we are just reviewing your history of received payments. Generally it can take about 3-5 payments to become eligible. Larger payments will increase this likelihood as well.

  • ematus
    ematus Member Posts: 2
    Thanks @EdwinPayoneer for the answer,

    Well, in my case I have 5 payments with a total of 9k received... but still I don't have that option.
    and what annoys me is the rules for this are not clear, where I read this feature (a payoneer blog) they never say anything about this or an alert like "* conditions applies"
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 1,147

    Thank you for leaving your feedback and letting us know. we would like to personnaly assist regarding this matter, for that we have sent you a message on private.