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MemoFar Member Posts: 1
Hi, I just joined Payoneer today. I was ready to withdraw my funds in my account using the Global Payment Service in Payoneer but the bank details provided by Payoneer is less than what is asking, there are basically three issues:

1- Freelancer is asking for the Bank City/State, there is no notion for that in my Payoneer Global Payment Service page.

2- Frelancer is asking for the country twice, once for "Country of bank account" and another in "account details". the bank is First Century Bank and it is in the USA but I do not know what should I enter for the country in "account details" section, it reads below it "Enter the account details exactly as it appears on your bank account". are they asking for the same thing twice?

3- Freelancer is asking for the address line 2 (however I guess this is optional).

I live in Egypt, I am using the Express Withdrawal method in and the Global Payment Service in Payoneer.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.


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    Hi there @MemoFar . A member of our support team would be able to provide this to you, but it does require that you verify some information about your account. My suggestion would be to reach our to our customer care team by clicking here, or contacting a member of our social media team via direct message on Facebook or Twitter.