money loaded on my old, expired card

mezzaninemezzanine Posts: 1Member
My problem: I have received a payment from, but looks like the money was loaded on my old, expired card instead of my new card. My new card was activated few hours before I withdraw the money from 99designs. I see the money in my account on the expired card not on the new one, and I can't withdraw them from ATM.
Please help! I can provide print screens of my account and more info if it's necessary.


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    Hello, @mezzanine

    Normally the funds and funding sources are automatically transferred to the new card after it's activation. We are sorry if this did not happen this time. Please rest assured that there is nothing to worry about, as we can easily move funds to new card manually.

    Please kindly reach our customer support on the phone or live chat and ask them to move funds. Alternatively, please provide me with your customer ID in private messages so that I can pass it on.

    The funds will reflect on the new card in 10 to 20 minutes after we manually move those.

    Will be happy to answer general questions about Payoneer service.

    For any specific inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact our Customer Care Support Center.

  • demialec0demialec0 Posts: 1Confirm Email, Member
    The same happens to me. Please help!! This cannot be an issue!! I need my funds loaded to my new card!!
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    @demialec0 We can see our team assisted you with this already :smile:

  • rudiullonrudiullon Posts: 1Member
    Hello! I have the same issue!!! Please help me out! My payment went to my old expired card and there's no way to move it from the website.
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