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Bank Withdrawal Needs Improvements

alipk90 Member Posts: 24 ✭✭

This topic is relevant to community because i want to share my experience of using Payoneer in Pakistan, and i want to improve these services by providing the feedback and involving others and official members comments about it.
I withdraw a small amount of $235 on 7th January 2019 to my Bank MCB Islamic Bank.
So i contacted my bank and Payoneer several times to check the status of my payment.

So on 30th January 2019 my bank account was credited, and i received a call from my bank manager telling me that they received a Cheque from Standard Chartered Bank to my account of that relevant amount, But the MT103 Form (Provided by Payoneer) says that amount was transferred on the same day (7th Januaury).

So my questions here are.
1) Who has been keeping that money for 24 days?
2) Why we have no track of our payments during this period?
3) What is the best way to respond to this situation, to make this process fast?

Please share if you have had same experience, and i would also appreciate if any payoneer staff would shed a light upon these questions.


  • DesignerThings
    DesignerThings Member Posts: 9
    I totally agree with you. It's about time we start getting text messages about our transactions. It will make us feel more secure too.

    Also, how many dollars you received in your account after the fees was deducted?
  • alipk90
    alipk90 Member Posts: 24 ✭✭

    Dollar amount do not change, we are charged 2 rupees in exchange rate.