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I can't reach my authorized friends. I also write with Google Translate. Sorry about that face. Thank you from now.

My question: I had previously opened an account from Payoneer via another E-Mail. Then, of course, ignored my ignorance and a silly idea that I could not add a bank account in the card account, and I requested to close that account and closed. Then I opened a new account. However, he was calculating cards in the account, which was supposed to be previously uninformed. But there is no problem right now. I'm new to my citizenship credentials etc. I sent. I've done it before. However, this time only in my new account 'Sent' is available in my previous account with a green phrase 'Completed!' etc. etc. a message was still in the field of sending documents, but only 'Sent' in my new account continues.

Does this affect my account badly? Does that mean unverified? More than that, I need to learn my account in the bank city and is my account active now? I don't know anything about that either. In fact, I can log into my account, everything is normal and beautiful. So my account ID, etc. All right. But there's something wrong with my account. I'm worried about these documents, the documents I sent to the account I opened earlier in the future will be connected to the accounts 'Is it sent' I wonder if it is associated? I wondered about that.

I also can't connect to live support. That's why I felt the need to write here. The warning message on the live support is as follows:

Status: Canceled Your chat request has been canceled. Please contact us.

I can't talk with the phone anyway. I don't know the language. Sorry. I've written a lot with e-mail. However, no return was provided in any way. I've felt the need to write here. I also wrote to Facebook. I hope I can get an answer.


  • S4GJjS4GJj Posts: 4Member
    Footnote, I forgot to:

    Customer ID: 26031239
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    Hello, @S4GJj. Please send me a private message with a clear description of your issue so we can look into it.

  • S4GJjS4GJj Posts: 4Member
    Hello, @KazPayoneer , I was gonna send you a private message. But he gave me this warning: You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links.

    Let me write it here. Or what do I need to do to send you private messages? Do I have to wait? So my account is new.

    Thank you.
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    @S4GJj I've reached out to you directly.

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    I submit my copy of national ID card & updated postal address & required personal financial rank.
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    Hi @rehatul,

    If you have submitted your documents, it should be 1-3 business days for a response from our approvals team.

    If you haven't received a response in this time frame please let us know so we can look into it.

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