Help , to ge my prepaid mastercard - payoneer team

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Hi, @Max_Payoneer , @Melina_Payoneer , @EdwinPayoneer , @KazPayoneer

my customer id :23584489

it has been 3 days ago when I requested a card, then I received an email confirmed, (card issued )

I requested to shipping the card via DHL 3 days ago and I sent shipping information via email Reference Number: 190211-009949 because of no way to get my card Except DHL

Today I contacted the support team inquiry about DHL trucking ID and they told me they don't review my email and they did not ship the card via DHL and I should request the shipping again.

please check email shipping information Reference Number: 190211-009949

and investigate this problem and ship it via DHL because I want to get my money as soon as possible


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    Hi @gamaan.

    A member of our customer care department will reach out to you today regarding your ticket. Please be on the look out for an e-mail.


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