Declined Payment has not been refunded

2 weeks ago using Payoneer billing service I requested payment to my client and he paid me by his Credit card. However, due to some issues, my payment has been declined but yet not refunded to my client's account. Why does it take time? What is the problem please let me know.


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    Hello @Mehedi_Nitul! I am sorry that a payment was declined.

    When a credit card payment is declined, the payment is returned to the payer in roughly 7 business days. When a payer initiates a credit card payment to us, there is a temporary hold that his card user will place (pre-authorization). If the card is not charged by us, the funds return on their own in 7 business days.

    The way that he may see this appear on his credit card may not be obvious, so please have him connect with his card company directly. If you need more assistance, feel free to send a private message or contact customer care.

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    Thank you for your response. The payment is charged by Payoneer. My clients paid me on 29 January. From that time my payment was in review and Payoneer replied to me on 31 January that my payment is declined. Also, my client checked his credit card statement but there was no transaction regarding the declined payment. So what is the problem?
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    Hi, @Mehedi_Nitul.

    Payoneer does not officially charge a card (meaning the funds are charged, and not held, and they do not reverse on their own) for payments made through the request a payment system, because our team has to approve these types of payments. In this process, there may be a situation where we ask for additional documents from you or the sender, or some other type of setback that may delay the payment from going through. This is why we are only able to hold payments no longer than 7 days - because in this time frame we did not charge the card, we only placed a hold on funds.

    We can estimate the funds should have reversed to the client's card on February 8th, so please have him check with his card activity with his bank or card issuer, as sometimes a pre-authorized return would not show in their transactions history. In their transactions history, they would not see the funds return as a new transaction (which is a refund). In this case the funds were not manually refunded - they were a transaction that was never charged. Since this is not clear to see in a transactions history, this is why I recommend that the client review this with someone from his bank or card issuer.

    If the client continues to say that there is nothing returned, please contact customer care, who would be able to contact the payments department to confirm that funds have completely left the system.

    Thank you.

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