how do i transfer balance from local bank in my payoneer account?

dear guise, i am Krishna Acharya from Nepal. according to the policy of central bank of nepal, we can not apply master or visa card from Nepali bank, so Payoneer is the best place for all of the nepali peoples. but, i have 1 question how do i gate master card from payoneer? i have already receive 30 USD) from skrill, but i cannot aply master card, i have no idea while do some online job, so that case can i transfer some balance from american local bank?? in payoneer? it is posible? please help me friends... thanks and advance.


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    Hi @acharyakrishna159! Glad to hear you are using our platform in the hopes of getting a card.

    As you know we do offer a prepaid Mastercard that is linked with your Payoneer account. You do need to receive $30 in payments to become eligible for the card but certain payments will not count towards eligibility.

    Payments that you receive from eWallets (PayPal, Skrill, Transferwise, Stripe, etc) will not count for eligibility. Payments that you receive from other Payoneer users through the Make a Payment service (Payoneer to Payoneer) also will not count for eligibility.

    The payments that do count are payments you receive from mass payout companies, such as Fiverr or Upwork (companies who use Payoneer as a payment method), and also payments from the Global Payment Service, which in this case for a USD card, would be a payment from a US company, using their company bank account.

    These are the requirements for the card in Nepal. Please note that the eligibility requirements may be different depending on the country.

    Thank you!

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    dear sir thank you!! can i transfer money thru local bank from America? my friend and other person living their! i have no idea do online job and i have no joining in various company ( frillansing,, ETC) so that very difficult for me,, really sir i want to gate master card.. thank you
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    Hi again, @acharyakrishna159,

    Only a US company bank account would be able to send you funds from a US bank. It cannot come from an individual bank account.

    Please note that our service is meant for business purposes only, so if you are only trying to receive personal payments, you may want to look into another service.


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    Welcom sir.
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