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Stop use payoneer and let people now don't use payoneer.

ssionel Member Posts: 13 ✭✭

I knew about payoneer from airbnb, and I created account accidently from airbnb. I'm a host in airbnb, I got my payout from airbnb to payoneer, and my first USD card was didn't arrived. Then payoneer make me reorder new USD card and charged me USD 40, then I paid airbnb booking as a traveler with payoneer card, payoneer charged me USD 50! I asked to customer care, Jessica said its airbnb that charged me USD 50. But I solve witb airbnb, airbnb never do that, they billed as how much I need to pay. Which is USD 250 at the moment, but in my payoneer account was charged USD 300. Which is USD 50 more. Then now where I can ask who charged me USD 50 ??? Do you think it was airbnb ? I think its Payoneer because so many problem they have! Read the discussion in community 🤭😭😭 so sad

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