how can I transfer money from my account to my MasterCard?

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I have an account on Payoneer which I have 100$ and I have a MasterCard Payoneer so please I want you to help me to transfer some money from my account to my MasterCard, I want to buy something on the internet so I have only this account and this card, and I haven't another way to do it, please please please help me
how can I transfer money from my account to my MasterCard Payoneer

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Sohaib Kefif


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    Hey @sohaib131,

    Generally, the funds will rise to your card by itself every 12-24 hours from your balance automatically, so there is no need for us to manually move funds.

    If you are noticing that your funds have not moved to your card, I would suggest to contact our customer care team directly as it indicates an issue in your account.


  • sohaib131sohaib131 Member Posts: 5

    Thank you so much for your help,
    I'll wait a while time to see this.

    sincerely :) :) :)
  • sohaib131sohaib131 Member Posts: 5
    Hi, @KazPayoneer

    The customer care team page doesn't work with me, how can I contact them
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    Hey, @sohaib131

    Please use this link to choose the preferred communication channel and reach Customer Support

    Thank you

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