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Lengthy Approval Wait and General Concern

Kyle_Duazo Member Posts: 6
I am just one of a large network of KPO and BPO companies in the Cebu and Manila region of the Philippines. I had decided to see how this sites service actually performed, and was very very disappointed on the wait and disconnect of the so called "customer care".

It has been over a month since I have started the approval process. This is really disheartening, as we were looking to find a new payment platform for our clients and employees.

Please fix this problem, as waiting a month for just mere document approvals is a red flag for a company who does not have it's act together. If this problem persists we will have to start getting the word around our growing community to STAY AWAY from your services.

ID : 29300501

I hope you can fix this sooner than later as the rise of KPO and BPO companies is not slowing down and there is a necessary void of relevant and consistent invoice services here in ASEAN. We had hoped that this site was going to be the way we would move forward and streamline our collective services, but from the experience I have been met with, I am disheartened.

There is a general problem in having automated response messages to your customer support. Something that is almost entirely unacceptable in the KPO and BPO industry, as we specifically work with people. Such as we know the costs it takes to hire customer care.

When a company like yourself can't be bothered to utilize human interaction with customer care it really looks bad. Just a general rule of thumb, ROBOTS DON'T CARE.

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  • Kyle_Duazo
    Kyle_Duazo Member Posts: 6
    I have noticed that on these threads there are actual service responders who try to ease the concerns of some posters. This is great on them and is nice to see there is actual people who do care about the community.

    The problem is, they shouldn't have to be threads like these for them to respond to in the first place. If there was a competent Customer Care system these threads wouldn't even reach these boards, and the payoneer community staff can focus their efforts elsewhere instead of having to do the job of Customer Support.

    I know it says in the Forum Guidelines that any questions concerning customer care will be removed and directed towards customer care.

    But when you only have automated messages in the customer care department, as well as having the helplines and live chat services non-functioning. So I believe that the team under community assistance realizes this and is now left to pick up where customer care have failed.

    I applaud the efforts of the Community team and what they are doing to generate a positive and whole hearted experience in the forums. I just wish they wouldn't have to deal with the ineptitude of customer care.
  • Kyle_Duazo
    Kyle_Duazo Member Posts: 6
    Thank you very much for the prompt response. And i did receive an actual response from the Customer Support agent.

    I'm sorry, I am just wary of an instant robotic response, as if there is no escalation to real agents. {It may be beneficial to have the automotive respond in a way that comforts the customer in that there is still an operative that will deal with the concern that was brought up.}

    Since, for me, I was under the impression that the automotive response was the final word I would here from the customer support side.

    I understand that you will deal with hundreds, even thousands of customers within a month. It's just that I would feel more comfortable that 'me' as a customer do matter to your service.

    In general, we are looking for a platform that is will readily act upon a concern. So that we can comfortably tell our clients and employees that the platform we use is dependable.

    Honestly, in terms of this wild west like payment service (that is dominated by Pay-pal), we need to find a service that cares about 'us'.

    Thank you for the timely response.

    It only took a single day to get my problem dealt with, and it gave comfort in the idea that my problems matter.

    Again, I reiterate, that the community managers are doing a great job. I appreciate the way the community agents conduct themselves.

    And I will forfeit the idea that the Customer Service operative are trying. Which is honestly not that easy to do, as a dept. which deals with peoples everyday concerns.

    I really do hope that 'Payoneer' can be the ideal service to ASEAN. Since we are so full of independent skilled workers that need a way to earn from the skills we've garnered.

    Hopefully, this level of urgency stays serious. Since we need a way for all of us to be able to make ends meet.

    I hope that my experience, moving forward, will be just as appreciative. And I can suggest this service to my peers and employees.
  • Kyle_Duazo
    Kyle_Duazo Member Posts: 6
    @KazPayoneer, thank you for your support.