Fraudulent charges on my Payoneer card.

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I called Payoneer today and had my card frozen because there were fraudulent charges on it.  There are 8 fraudulent charges and one legitimate charge (i.e. for a purchase I made) on my card.  All of them are on the "Pre Authorize Transactions List" meaning, I guess, that the merchants haven't requested the funds yet. 


What will happen with the legitimate charge?  Will the store I made a purchase at today be able to get its money?  I told the representative it was a legitimate purchase, but I didn't think of this question until after I'd already hung up.  Would he have put a note on file to make sure the legimate charge goes through?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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    Another question: does Payoneer offer cards with chips and/or pins?  As it stands now, I just swipe my card and am not required to do anything further (except sign).  I don't know if a chip or pin would have prevented the unauthorized transactions (I'm 99% sure my card number was obtained from a compromised debit machine I used today - unfortunately that type of crime seems to be on the rise in my community) but it couldn't hurt to have an extra layer of security.

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    The legitimate charge should go through, as long as you do not include it as part of your disputed charges.


    We currently do not provide cards with chips, but the card has a PIN code for when you withdraw from the ATM.


    Thank you for your feedback, should you need any further assistance please let me know.

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    Thanks David.

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    Tonight I see the fraudulent charges haven't budged, but the legitimate charge has disappeared.  At first I thought it meant it was processed, but it's nowhere to be found on my Transactions List.  Any idea what that means? 


    Edit: it's there now (on the Transactions List).  Maybe there's just a bit of a lag...before the fraudulent charges came about and I started watching my account like a hawk, I'd never really paid much attention.

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    Yes, there is a delay of up to 6 hours in updating your online transaction list.

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