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Reopening of Card Funding

tjamesc Member Posts: 1
This is an issue I've been at for the last 6 or so months. I signed up for Payoneer back in 2017. Submitted all required documents to have my account working and I had no problems then.

Late last year, after using the platform successfully for over a year, I was requested to upload my ID for verification, something that I had successfully done before since I was using the Global Payments System.

Somewhere around November last year, my account was temporarily blocked pending ID verification. Since then, I've been submitting copies of my ID but each time, the ID I was using successfully before keeps getting rejected. It's my National ID.

They want a passport, but I don't have one neither do I have a Driver's license. The process of getting a passport here is complicated and if I could get one, just for getting my account unblocked, I would but I can't.

Every time I get through to support I keep being told the same thing even though I explain that I only have my National ID card for verification. Four months is a lot of time to be stuck on a platform you so heavily relied on and I really need help in getting through with this.

I hope to get assisted with this issue as it's put everything on a tailspin for me

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