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I just signed up to online payoneer and I have added 2 of my local bank accounts. One got approved and another still pending approval.
Now my question is...
1) If I want someone or a company in the US or anywhere in the world to send me money then what should I provide them? i.e. what account number? or I should provide them my local bank account number? or there is any payoneed account number?
2) Where can I find my payoneer account number from online payoneer website log in?
3) I do not have a card yet. I just only signed from payoneer account website.
4) Can people send money from paypal to my payoneer account?

N.B: I am working as a Freelancer.

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    > @KazPayoneer said:
    > Hello there @murad_mx, welcome to Payoneer. I'm glad to answer these common questions about our platform.
    > 1) A US company is able to pay you if you send them the details for the Global Payment Service. This will be a virtual US bank account that allows you to receive funds. You can find this information by going to receive-->Global Payment Service. You'll see an account and routing number there, as well as receiving bank details for the GBP and the EUR currencies, should you want to receive funds in GBP and EUR.
    > 2) Your Payoneer account number/ID is found after you login on the main screen. You'll see a greeting, and then your name (Welcome, X), and below that is your customer ID number.
    > 3) You are able to use the Global Payment Service to receive funds from your own PayPal account, but not from anyone else. If you receive payments from other people to PayPal, and then send them to your Payoneer account, this is fine. If you want to have other people send payments from their PayPal accounts, it won't work.
    > Thanks!


    I'm new at Payoneer, too.

    I sent a message to my customer:

    " CHECKING - Sahin XXX
    Bank: First Century Bank,
    ABA: 06xxxxxx
    Account: No: 40xxxxxxx"

    My customer send me:

    ".. I need your representative cellphone number,name and address in USA to send the payment to so that i can make an upfront payment.."

    Can you help me please?

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