don't see "make a payment" option

Hi, there! I just got Payoneer account to send money, but i don't see "make a payment" option. So what do i need to do there? Thanks.


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    Hi there!

    The ability to send payments to other users is an ability that has to be unlocked. The way that this unlocked, much like our "request a payment" feature. You would need to receive a certain number of payments into your account to be able to send them.

    If needed, you can send a personal message and I can help with checking how much more activity you'd need for this feature to be unlocked.

  • 23942372
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    Okay, then what's the best option to send payment and receive a payment. I'm new here, I mostly use PayPal.

    My client (individual) have a new account and I'm too. You please suggest me what's the best option for both option? Thanks
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    @23942372 Hello,

    Please use the link below to find more information about our global payment service details. payment service

    This will help explain one method of receiving payments.

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