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Hello. So a friend of mines send over some money from transferwise for assisting her with her freelancer job. This was from Tuesday and payoneer is still holding onto the money. They ask for identification, i sent it, they ask for proof of payment I sent her invoices over to them plus the invoice for the transfer to payoneer. I needed the money from last week and payoneer is holding onto my money.y question is has anyone else experience this and if yes, how long Did it take to get your money.


  • KazPayoneer
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    Hi @sandie,

    Our payments team typically requires your line of work (the work you do to get paid) to be verified before additional payments can be received. We're a heavily regulated company and we have to stay compliant at all times, so we ask for additional information from you the information provided at registration (Global Payment Service questionnaire/Merchant Application Form), is not sufficient enough for our team to get a picture as to what you do. It is because of this, in most cases, why we will review a payment. This sounds like what has happened in your situation.

    For confidentiality reasons I cannot provide specifics about your account and your case on the public forums. If you need some additional help on this, you can always send a private message so that I can advise you.