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I Can't Access My Account, What Can I Do?

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There are a number of different reasons why you would not be able to access your account. We'll cover some of the common reasons why in this thread, and will give you an opportunity to reply with your own problem if you are having issues accessing your account. We hope this thread will be helpful to help understand why you may be having issues accessing your account, with some pointers on what to do in these situations.

We will continue to update this thread with new tips as they arrive!

The thread will remain open so you can ask any general questions relating to issues accessing your account. If you have any specific account inquiries (i.e.: you, specifically, cannot access your account and you need help), please contact customer support. Inquiries of this nature will be removed.

I Can Login, But My USD/GBP/EUR Balance Is Disabled!
Sometimes you may find that your account balances have been disabled. The reason that this happens can vary. However, the most common reason why this happens is because your account has entered a review.

At Payoneer, we periodically review your account and its activity. We do this for two reasons: first, for your safety, as it will help us identify if there has been any abnormal activity in your account or with your funds, and secondly, for regulatory reasons. Since we are a financial institution, we are at the behest of various different financial regulation and international laws. These regulations require us to be compliant at all times, so we have to review accounts to make sure that your account activity has not violated our terms and conditions.

In the case of these types of reviews, your account's balances and/or card are blocked to prevent you from receiving any payments. It makes sense, because we're unable to allow you to continue using your account until the review is over and you have been cleared. If there is a terms and conditions violation with your account, you will be notified of the next step, which would be account closure.

My Account Is Blocked!
If you see a message that your account had been blocked, and if you did not request that it was blocked, please check your e-mail inbox for any messages from us. You would receive a notice from us that says that there was a terms and conditions violation, and as a result, we blocked the account. In most cases, if your account was closed by our team, it would not be possible to reopen it. We're also not able to reveal the exact term, or exact reason why the account was closed past a violation of our terms and conditions.

My Password Is Not Accepted, Even After I Change It!
This is an issue that is fairly common. You may find that if you login using the same information, the information won't be accepted. So then, you change your password and find that the information is still not being accepted even though everything is correct. Here's the easy fix for this instance, feel free to try any step of these tips:

1) Reset your browser's cookies/cache. This is the solution for most technical-related issues, so you should always try this first. After clearing cookies/cache, try logging in again with the correct info.

2) Use a different browser, then try to login or reset the password again.

3) Use incognito mode/private browsing, then try to login or reset the password again.

If none of the above works, we suggest to contact our customer support team directly, so that they may contact the technical department and see what is going on.

I Am Trying To Change My Password/Send A Payment/Withdraw, But It Says Some Information Is Wrong!
When you try to change the password, you will typically need to enter in some security information, such as a security question, your username, phone number, and the date of birth. Please take the following in mind:

1) Your username is your e-mail address. If you receive Payoneer e-mails to a certain e-mail address, the e-mail address is your username. The username is always an e-mail address.

2) The date of birth is the date of birth that you entered when you applied for an account. Sometimes you may be unaware that you have made a mistake. The best way to know if your date of birth is correct is whether or not you have submitted a government issued ID or passport to us, and it was approved, verifying your account. If your account is verified, the date of birth will match that on your document. If it is not, and you suspect maybe there's an issue with your date of birth, please contact us for further steps.

3) You may need to reset your security question if you are making a withdrawal or sending a payment. This can be done easily by updating it in your online account.

If you're unaware of which information you are entering in incorrectly, or if you are sure that everything is correct, please follow the directions in the following prompt and clear cookies and cache. If it doesn't work, please contact our customer support team, as they can tell which information was incorrect and be able to advise you there.

I Forgot My Password, And I Cannot Reset It Because I Also Forgot My Phone Number/E-Mail!
This is also a common instance. If you don't remember the phone number, the best way to handle this situation is to contact our customer support team. They have a pretty detailed procedure in this and they can help you with a temporary password so that you can access your account.

I Forgot My Phone Number for Multi-Factor Authentication/Code Sent to Wrong Number/Code Not Received
Multi-Factor Authentication is a fairly recent addition to your Payoneer account in an effort to maintain the security of your account and funds. However, you may come into some troubles using this feature if you are having issues with your phone number.

The first thing you want to make sure of is that your information is up to date. Please be sure to check that we have your updated mobile number through your account settings. You may also use a landline, however you will only be able to use the "call me" option and not receive an SMS.

Have you lost access to the number on file? This is fine. This means that the service needs to be reset for you in order to allow you to update your phone number. Please contact customer support via chat, phone, or e-mail and this can easily be done for you. Our agents handling inquiries on Facebook and Twitter can assist you with this matter as well.

Are you not receiving the code? This could indicate a number of things, such as a wrong phone number, or issues with your local provider that prevents you from receiving the code. The main thing is to make sure the number is correct. Then, be sure if you can receive SMS. If you cannot, please try the "call me" option. If these options do not work, you may need to use a different phone entirely (if you are first enrolling for multi-factor authentication), or you can contact support to enable a temporary method to allow you into your account.

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