I always receive $3 less !!!!

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Hello, why do I always receive $3 less to my payoneer account ? The email you sent me says: you received payment of $20 but when I look into my account I find only $17 !!!! Hidden fees ?

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    Hi there,

    It seems that you are being charged a loading fee. For some transactions, there is a fee that is determined by Payoneer and the company paying you, so when you receive the funds into your account, the loading fee is removed.

    Most companies have the option of a fast load (payment within a few hours) for $3, and a slower load (few days) for $1. Some payments only have the fast load option.

    If you provide your account information in a personal message we can take a look.

  • payoneerakselpayoneeraksel Posts: 5
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    Thanks for your response, I think that was the case, it's a loading fee .
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