Problem with "request payment" online chat not available for weeks!!!

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Dear Sir/Madame,
I am a long time member/user of Payoneer services, few weeks ago I had a problem sending invoice to customer to be paid by credit card (not bank transfer) I was specifically told by your support that my account (which is VIP) does not support this and that I have to open a new one which supports sending invoices to be paid by credit card among others. Which I did. Then the problems and agony started. Now I have account which is not VIP, no extra perks, I cannot receive payments (payment requests) due to type of account?!?! I was declined two rather large payouts. I cannot get online chat for 3 weeks now (There was a problem connecting to chat server)?!?!
I have account for few years now and the turnover of over 300.000 Dollars it is a shame that i cannot solve these things in a few minutes instead of months. I sent emails also but no answer. To be honest it is hard to explain in emails all these problems. But the online chat is simply DOWN for weeks now.
Thanks in advance
Disappointed customer who loved Payoneer :'(


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    Hi there @IvanT,

    We're sorry about the struggle you have had as of late. I will try to advise you the best I can. For specific answers about your account you can either send a personal message and I'll answer what I can, or you can contact our customer care team to ask for more clarification on your issue.

    So firstly, we do not actually have a 'VIP' designation for our clients. We do provide clients with more payment activity with their own means of contacting our support but there are not any other perks (apart from an easier time connecting with customer support).

    It sounds like you once were able to send a payment request, but you could not. It sounds like that the service may have been disabled from the one account, and you started another one in an attempt to regain this service perhaps. The issue here is that if it was disabled from one account you wouldn't be able to start a new one, if this is the case. The new account would also be the reason that you couldn't start a live chat: if the new account hasn't received payments, the live chat feature is unavailable. So you would have to use the old account to access a live chat.

    Again, I couldn't advise on the public forums about your specific example so the above text is speculation. If you need further assistance you can send a private message or give us a call/chat.

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