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Account hacked and customer support poor behavior.. anybody guide me what i do ?

usman456 Member Posts: 7
My account was hacked and someone add a bank account in withdrawal method. The sad part is that payoneer accept that bank account. I got an email that that a bank account is connected with my payoneer account. I removed that bank account and changed password of the account as my funds were safe. I informed payoneer about the issue and they block my card and other options on my account and ask me send alternative email. I send them and alternative email same day and after 7 days payoneer ask me send the different documents for verification. Another week is started and i don't know how long it will take to get back my account on alternative email. For every email they take 7 days to reply ... Is it fun ? from 8 days i am playing with emails ...... use live chat 2 time and make 2 more tickets to get a response ...

My account was hacked and they are asking me to send all documents again. Even they ask me to take my picture with my id in one hand and date written on paper in other hand.... It's really disappointing how you treat your customers. If customer support keep behaving like that than i feel that i have to wait for almost 1 month to solve this . Is it my fault that i am facing all that inconvenience and customer support is not even bothering about that.

Even once i feel that it was my mistake that i inform customer support about the issue as i removed the bank account and changed my password. After informing they immediately block everything and now i am stuck in the middle of nothing...

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  • usman456
    usman456 Member Posts: 7
    I got an email and they said that the document i sent has different number that was used when i first register to payoneer... When i register to payoneer i used my national ID number and after 2 years they ask for verification and i send them my passport. They approved my passport document for verification but now they are saying that it has different number... How is it possible that the same document they approved before is now not considered valid ? Maybe they did not see but national ID number is also written on the passport... Now i have send the copy of my national ID also which has same number that i used for registration..... It's really frustrating that i got hacked and they are behaving like i am involved in all that .... Almost week has gone and i am struggling to get everything normal.