Account hacked and Payoneer customer support not treating properly.

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My account was hacked and someone add a bank account in withdrawal method and payoneer approved it without any proper verification. I informed payoneer and they take a week and than i get response from payoneer to send documents for verification. They demanded that i hold document in one hand and write today's date on paper and hold it in other hand.

It was my fault that they treating me like a criminal ? Why i need verify myself again when it was payoneer mistake? it's really embarrassing.

I send them my passport document which i used 4 months ago to verify my payoneer account.

After that i receive an email that the number of my id document is not the same that is used at the time of registration. Why they approved same document to verify my account 4 months ago ? it was valid 4 months ago but now they don't consider it valid ... how is it possible ?

Still i respect payoneer and i send them my national id document also which has the same number that i used for registration when i first time join payoneer.

I don't know what they are doing with me or they dont want me to be on payoneer anymore.
I feel sometimes that it was my mistake that i informed them that someone hack my account .

I also have 106 $ in my account and dont know what is the future of that money also .... its really frustrating how you you guys are behaving with 3 years old customer ... 10 days are gone and i am playing with the emails and wasting time to use chat with customer support ....

Please help me, now its really frustrating . It was not my fault and everything disturbed and they are behaving like i am responsible for all that

I beg you please help me.

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    Thank you so much , the problem is solved.

    Thanks Customer Support