Why haven't I received my money?

I transferred money from my payoneer account to my local bank account for over seven days, but i haven't received the money and is showing completed in my payoneer account. Please I really need your help.


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    Dear @Marvellous1010
    Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this inquiry.

    If your transfer did not reach your bank account on time, you first need to verify that the bank account details you entered in your online account are correct, to do so, please follow the steps bellow:

    Log in to your Payoneer online account. Once you have logged in, please follow these steps:
    Click on the "Transactions" tab in your account
    Locate the withdrawal which is late in the list of transactions
    Click the paper icon to the right of the withdrawal details
    In the Transaction Details which open, choose "Get Confirmation"

    Once done, it is important to notify our team and you will get further assistance; if the bank account details are incorrect, the transfer will bounce back within 14 business days and you will have to add new bank account details to re-transfer your funds to. For that, follow the steps below:

    Choose "Settings" and click "Bank Accounts" from the dropdown menu
    Select "Add new bank account"
    Follow the on-screen instructions to add your new banking details.

    If the details are incorrect, our representatives will transfer a request to the transfer team to begin investigating the delay you are experiencing.

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    Thank you for responding, I have gotten the confirmation slip, how do I send it to your team for assistance?
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    @Marvellous1010 You can send it to our support team directly by clicking here.

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    My bank details in my payoneer account are complete and correct, I went to my local bank they said there was no transaction like that in my local bank account, I contacted support team they said I should go to my bank with the confirmation slip, and I have already done that, please I really need help.