How to send invoice

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Hi I ned to send invoice to my client. so how can I prepare invoice and send to my client?


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    You will be able to build an invoice and request a payment using our Billing Service. You are welcome to read more information about it here.

    Please note, however, that you need to complete your account application first ad have an approved account in order to start using the services. Our records show that we requested you to provide the information required for account approval back in August 2017, however we have not received any response. We are sorry in case if that email was not delivered to you. For your convenience, we have sent it again a few minutes ago.

    Please kindly submit the necessary information and we will be glad to continue the review of your application.

    Thank you

    Will be happy to answer general questions about Payoneer service.

    For any specific inquiries directly associated to your Payoneer account, please contact our Customer Care Support Center.

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