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Hi There, I am already a Payoneer user, and a debit Mastercard  holder. I am getting paid by your Envato partner.

I am also registered with the US payment service. Everything works fine for now.


I am reading that there is an option to transfer a money from Payoneer to a Bank account, or I have understood wrongly?


Anyway what I would like to do is this:


Load my credit card with money, and withdraw the funds to a bank account. The issue is that I am in Greece, and I would like to withdraw part of the funds to my wife's bank account in Albania.


Is there a way to achieve this?


thanks for your answer!


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    We plan to introduce a card to bank transfer service, that will allow you to withdraw your Payoneer card balance directly to your bank account (it will support Greece). The service is planned to be available within the next several months.

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