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2 days ago, i initiated a process of transferring money from Paypal to my Payoneer account. i use US payment service. it went flawless and no error occur during tarnsfer. But after few hours i receive email from [email protected] which stats following text:-



Dear Cardholder,

Our records show that your Payoneer card has not been active in receiving payments from any Payoneer partner in the last few months, or using the US Payment Service. In order to continue receiving private payments to your account, and in accordance with rules and regulations imposed by our regulators and issuing bank, we are writing to encourage you to load your Payoneer card by withdrawing funds from your account with any of Payoneer’s partners, or by using the US Payment Service.

Once you’ve received new payments to your card via either of the methods mentioned above, you can continue using any of the personal loading options Payoneer has to offer. If you are no longer working with your original Payoneer partner, but are working for a different company, please let us know and we will do our best to partner with your new employer so that you can continue to enjoy all the benefits of your Payoneer account.

If you have any questions relating to this message, please contact us using our Payoneer Contact Form.



Now, from my paypal account , amount has been deducted. but it has not added in my payoneer account. 


Also, i have already loaded my payoneer card using other VISA card , couple of time. and its Active.



I need help on this. what should i do, and what will happen next.




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    This is simply a reminder, as most likely you haven't used your US Payment Service in quite some time. In order to continue using the private load service, you also need to be active in using the US Payment Service (or receiving payments from our partners).


    Once you receive the US Payment Service payment to your Payoneer account, this will resolve the issue and you can continue using your account.

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