How to add USD balance option

roshanaryalnp Member Posts: 2
My account has only option of GDP,Euro and USD prepaid card.
I want to reccive usd balance from my friend payoneer account
How to add USD option on account?


  • roshanaryalnp
    roshanaryalnp Member Posts: 2
    How to add USD option on my account .
    My account has only GBP EURO option
  • KazPayoneer
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    edited April 2019

    Hi @roshanaryalnp,

    From your post it seems that you said your account had an option that included a USD prepaid card, and you are asking to add a USD account. In this case, the USD account is the USD card. It wouldn't be possible to add a USD account on top of your USD card because it would be the same as having two USD cards.

    You can receive payments from another Payoneer user to that card, when it is active and enabled. If this is an emergency payment, I would suggest creating a new Payoneer account through our website so that you can have a USD balance, with the future ability to receive a card in USD, connected to that balance.