The point of Global Payment?

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Ok, Let see, I tried transfer money from:
VirWox to Payoneer - transfers are not supported
Skrill to Payoneer - transfers are not supported

Payoneer call this Global Payment Service, but as I know IBAN/SWIFT are usually uses for wire transfer.
So this is wire transfer. And you say: "Wire transfers are not supported"?

So what is the point of Global Payment Service if I can't revieve money with this?
I tried to find out, BUT if I made support ticked I ALWAYS get auto replay!
Usually NOBODY reads my ticket, and I always get auto answer... This is one big minus for Payoneer.
So maybe somebody read here...

So, what is the point of Global Payment Service?
If I use this only for Local transfer example Germany or USA, I probably will use another local bank.
If I need worldwide transfer, I want to use Payoneer, but I can't transfer...?

And I never find "full list of restrictions on using the Global Payment Service" because email link doesn't work. Please fix this. How to know what webiste are supported or what are webistes on blacklist?
Goolge Ad Sense, Pay Pal or any another?


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    The point of the Global Payment Service is to receive payments from companies around the world, particularly companies from the US, EUR, or the UK. While the payment can accept payments from eWallets (which generally do not count as wire transfers, and are supported on Payoneer such as PayPal, Skrill, or Stripe), it is more suited for payments that come from company bank accounts of those nations. We do support Stripe payments, and it is one of the more popular eWallets that our users receive funds from, apart from PayPal. Please make sure you are entering the correct information on Stripe as it should not ask for the IBAN/SWIFT for the USD currency.

    The types of businesses/websites we don't accept payments from can be easily viewed in our terms and conditions, under "prohibited transactions". We also will review payments that come from sites that we have not received payments from before. All of that information is easily available here.