Regarding USD to INR conversion rate.

hrghrg Member Posts: 3
Hi, my question to payoneer community is
Which conversion rate payoneer applying for USD to INR ?
As i paid to USD to INR but the conversion rate is less or different than the last 3-4 days conversion rates.
Waiting for your reply.Thank you in advance. :)

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  • NikhilNikhil Member Posts: 8
    What rate did you get ?
  • hrghrg Member Posts: 3
    67 ₹ for April....
    What about you ?
  • hrghrg Member Posts: 3
    Thank you @Cristale_Payoneer for your reply.
    I checked conversion rate on
    And after that I send mail regarding that.
    That's nice
  • NikhilNikhil Member Posts: 8
    > @hrg said:
    > 67 ₹ for April....
    > What about you ?

    I am new on payoneer but I got 67.62 @ 18 April on upwork direct to local bank
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